Due to the Covid-19, we are closed right now. We hope to be able to reopen in September 2021. Stay tuned!

About us

Joli Cookie offers unique French gourmet cookies since 2016: the sweetness of butter cookies paired with a creative icing.

The soft butter cookies, or butterbredele, are a French specialty from Alsace (North-East France), the home region of Joli Cookie's chef, Marie. The traditional recipe with vanilla icing has been passed down to Marie through several generations. She imagined and created the other flavors in her kitchen in San Francisco.

Originally from Strasbourg (France), Marie spent her childhood on Farmer's Markets and in her father's kitchen, a restaurant chef. Her grandfather, a boulanger-pâtissier (baker and pastry maker), could not stop telling her stories about bread and all things sweet; and she could not stop listening to these. She graduated from a business school and made her way to Head of Human Resources in a 2,000 people company. In 2011, Marie and her husband decided to move to San Francisco. She took this opportunity to follow her passion and start her own baking business.

When Marie is not baking cookies, she loves to spend time with her family. Together they hike, travel, meet with friends, and discover new TV shows. She also takes every opportunities to organize parties, baby showers and weddings. She is so good at it that her husband bcc'd her when he organized her surprise birthday party!

Marie, budding chef at 3 years old